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Trainer Appliances

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The Trainer System™ appliances are single-size, prefabricated dental appliances that incorporate
both myofunctional and tooth positioning characteristics. No impressions, no moulding and no fitting is required.

Soft, Phase 1 appliances are more flexible in order to adapt to a wide range of malocclusions.
Harder, Phase 2 appliances usually follow after 5 to 8 months of Phase 1 use and achieve better
tooth alignment.

Lip Trainer
Improve lip seal and deactivate lower-lip muscles. 

The Lip Trainer™ is designed to be used in combination with other appliances in the Trainer and Myobrace® systems to improve lip seal, strengthen lip muscles and stretch the lower lip muscles to reduce their overactivity on swallow.

Some children may show signs of lip incompetence or poor muscle tone around the lips (Orbicularis oris muscle). This problem can persist despite correct use of the Trainer and Myobrace® appliances. The Lip Trainer™ can be used for patients of any age, in combination with any appliance from the Trainer or Myobrace® Systems. It is particularly useful for mouth breathers who have difficulty closing their mouth.

Recommended daily use is 5-minutes twice daily.

Primary Dentition

The Infant Trainer™ is an active exerciser that encourages patients to chew correctly while using the jaw muscles. The Infant Trainer™ helps patients breathe through their nose and it also trains them to swallow and position their tongue correctly.  Research clearly illustrates that correct facial, jaw and dental growth depends strongly on all of these factors. The Infant Trainer™ may prevent the need for orthodontic treatment such as braces and extractions once the patient grows older.

The Infant Trainer™ Soft is a single-size appliance that actively encourages patients to chew correctly and exercise their jaw muscles. The Infant Trainer™ Soft is best used initially while the patient becomes familiar with wearing the appliance.

The Infant Trainer™ Hard has all of the charactaristics of the Infant Trainer™ Soft  and is best used after the patient is familiar with the softer appliance to provide better arch development.

Early to Late Mixed Dentition

The Pre-Orthodontic Trainer for Kids™ (T4K®) has become one of the most popular and successful products available from MRC. The T4K® is most effective in early mixed dentition for tooth eruption guidance and correction of myofunctional habits.

The T4K Phase 1 is intended to be used as the starting appliance.  It is flexible, can adapt to a wider range of patients and is suitable for more extreme starting cases.

The T4K Phase 2 is a firmer appliance and is best used after the T4K Phase 1.  It provides additional arch development and tooth alignment.

Permanent Dentition

The T4A™ is like the T4K® but designed for the permanent dentition. It has higher sides in the canine region to align erupting canines and the distal ends are longer to accommodate the second molars. The T4A™ is a single size appliance that aligns the anterior dentition while simultaneously re-training the oral musculature. The T4A™ is made of polyurethane and is available in two versions - Phase 1 (softer version) and Phase 2 (harder version).

The T4A Phase 1 is best suited for starting cases where its extra flexibility allows for increased case adaptability.

The T4A Phase 2 is best suited for finishing cases where its firmness increases tooth alignment and provides good retention.

Specialty Appliances

The Braces Series

Braces are still the most effective way of straightening teeth; however, they do not address many of the problems causing the crooked teeth.  Most orthodontic problems, particularly crowded teeth and an underdeveloped lower jaw are caused by habits such as mouth breathing and tongue thrusting. If these habits are not corrected, treatment time in retainers will be increased and once they are removed the teeth can crowd up again. Relapse can occur even with the best retainers.

Correcting these poor oral habits with The Braces Series™ appliances by MRC allows braces to work more efficiently by reducing the pressure of the tongue, cheeks and lips against the braces. Once these bad habits are improved, more stable results can be achieved in less time.

T4B is intended for use with newly banded cases.  The T4B is highly flexible, proving optimum patient comfort with minimum appliance thickness.  It prevents soft tissue trauma from braces, retains the oral musculature and treats TMJ disorder.

T4B 2’s firm construction and high sides make it ideal for cases where upper jaw development is required. It is also suitable for Class II correction in conjunction with fixed orthodontics.