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Photography Supplies

Cheek Retractors

Self Retaining (2pk, opaque or clear)
that provide complete retraction of lips
and cheeks, giving a full view of anterior
and posterior teeth. Available in adult
and pedo sizes.

Retract EZZ® allows unrestricted
access. Great for occlusal photos
and quick direct bond repair.
Extremely comfortable for patients.
Angle head helps retract lips.
Cold or heat autoclavable up to
290oF. Available in adult and
pedo sizes.

Mirasoft (set of 2).
Available in adult and pedo sizes.

Mirahold (set of 2)
Available in adult and pedo sizes.

Wire Retractors for Bracketing
Comfortable for patients,
easy tension control. Can be
autoclaved, dry heat or chemically
sterilized. Heat sterilizable up to 375ºF

Occlusal & Buccal Mirrors

The best choice for photography because of their high reflective properties. Coated on both sides for durability and quality made to resist chipping after repeated autoclave sterilization.

Available in Adult, Pedo, Buccal #1 (kidney shaped), Buccal #2 (s-shaped),
Buccal #3 (panky) sizes and shapes.

Buccal #1

Buccal #2

Buccal #3

Occlusal Pedo

Occlusal XL

Occlusal XXL

Posture Analysis Grid                                                     

  The wall mount posture grid measures approx. 34” x 80” and is printed    
  on flexible vinyl material with grommets for easy hanging.  Visually
  assess posture and document your findings to include in your digital
  photography records. The grid can be easily cleaned with a soft
  sponge and soap, so it always looks good! The wall mount posture
  analysis grid is easily hung on grommets affixed to the top and bottom
  edge to ensure stability. Great for the office as it takes zero floor

  A picture is worth a thousand words, and posture pictures provide
  compelling visual evidence for patients as well as providing important
  data for diagnosis and tracking posture changes during treatment. The
  horizontal and vertical lines make posture deviations easy to identify
  and explain to patients, plus pre- & post- posture analysis pictures
  makes it easy to demonstrate increased symmetry and other changes.