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Professional Education:


Guiding Craniofacial Growth
and Development with
The Myobrace System™,
Dr. German Ramirez-Yanez

There is growing emphasis on the quality of treatment results,
particularly from the aspects of prevention, interception and
correction of malocclusion. Craniofacial growth is a wonderful
and fascinating phenomenon and understanding the fundamental
aspects of dentofacial growth and development is vital for every
clinician to effectively deal with the complex problem of abnormal
skeletal growth of the jaws and dentoalveolar malocclusion

Jefferson Ceph Analysis,
Dr. Yosh Jefferson

Five Minute Analysis that Treats to a beautiful face, healthy TMJ, optimal respiration,
and other benefits.

Your Jaws, Your Life,
Dr. David Page

Excellent book for both parents and staff discussing various functional problems and the results on overall health.  Great education for reception and hygiene also great to send home
with parents!

Myofunctional Influences on
Facial Growth and the Dentition,
DVD by Dr. John Flutter 

Learn how breathing and swallowing incorrectly can have an adverse effect on craniofacial growth. 
Dr. Flutter makes it easy to understand and teaches you how to correct the issues using myofunctional techniques.  

Dr. James E. Carlson,
the inventor of the
Accu Liner Articulator,
shares his insights into
occlusal diagnosis.

Another great text
book on occlusion
by Dr. Carlson,
a must read for both
dentists & students !

Dr. Carlson shares his
experiences and journey,
from graduating dental school
to successfully treating
pain patients! 

Patient Education Booklets:

A Patient's Guide to Functional Jaw Orthopedics

Excellent book for both parents and staff
discussing functional problems and appliances
to correct the issue.